Naturopathy camp


    IMPHAL, Feb 10: Three days free Naturopathy Awareness Programme is being jointly organized by the Nature Cure & Yoga Hospital and Devine  Cultural Thang-Ta Academy starting from February 11 at Moirang Tronglaobi Community Hall, under Bishnupur District under the sponsorship of CCRYN New Delhi.
    According to a release, the aim of this camp is to propagate and make popularized the naturopathy and Yoga system of  treatment among the people. So that everyone can have basic knowledge of Yoga & Naturopathy treatment, for health promotive, diseases preventive and curative.


    1. I hope there’s going to be another naturopathy camps like these. It’s about time that a lot of people will know about the advantages of yoga and naturopathy in order to cure and prevent diseases the natural way. It’s good that steps like these are done to promote the existence of Naturopathic doctors who are often opening a naturopathy business of their own. 


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