NEC seeks priority list of projects


IMPHAL, Feb 27: The North Eastern Council Secretariat, Government of India has directed the state government to submit the priority list of the scheme and projects which is to be implemented for the coming fiscal year 2011-12.

According to a highly placed official source, the NEC during the last week of the previous month had made its official intimation to the state government that the NEC had been receiving the list of priority proposal/projects from the state governments of all the member states of the NER every financial year for consideration under the relevant NEC Annual plan as per the Budget allocation and availability of funds under different schemes.

In this regard, it needs to be mentioned that the priority lists from some of the states contain such proposals/projects in huge numbers, amounting sometimes to several hundred crores of Rupees, the consideration of all of new and ongoing projects/proposals. The NEC has been facing lots of problems in processing such priority list and also in considering the same for providing financial assistance to the states.

The official intimation of the NEC further mentioned that, in view of the above difficulties as cited above, the state government were advised to forward the priority lists starting with those for 2011-12 in such a way as not to include more than five to ten projects against each sector and the priority lists.

They are further requested not to send much additional priority lists subsequently unless proper justifications exist for sending the same.

While doing so, the state governments should take care that the projects/proposals fit into the ambit of schemes laid down in the relevant NEC five year documents/annual plan.

On the other hand, it is also further advised that, it would be better if at least the concept paper or the DPR for each of the project included in the priority list is also sent along with since, in the absence of even a concept paper, it is difficult to understand the outline of a project/proposal and take even any primary decision as regards farther processing of the same.

As regards the outlines of the concept papers/ DPR, the guidelines as circulated already with the 58th Council Meeting Agenda Paper may please be looked the official intimation of the NEC added.


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