Nungba citizen’s council sore with district adminstration


IMPHAL, Feb 27: The Nungba Citizens`™ Council (NCC) and people of the Tamenglong district have express their unhappiness and strongly condemned the working style of the deputy commissioner (DC), Tamenglong.

A release of the council has alleged that the DC of Tamenglong has ignored and failed to cooperate and support with the people of the district while others bureaucrats of the district are taking solid initiatives for the ensuing 2 day special seminar of development of the Tamenglong district which is suppose to be held on February 25 and 26 organized by the Nungba Citizens`™ Council (NCC).

The NCC also pointed out that the file works of development under BRGF 2010-2011 was done at his bungalow (DC/Bungalow) and not at DC/DRDA office, Tamenglong and not process under the proper guide lines of BRGF, selection programme were not conducted timely under any CSS schemes of Tamenglong districts.

It is learnt that U.C. has been put up before implementation and issued the work orders during the month of Dec. 2010 under BRGF. 2010-11 and cheques was issued for his favour groups before issue/release the work orders of BRGF, 2010-2011 to his favour beyond the guide lines of BRGF but work orders of BRGF 2010-11 were not yet release completed till Feb. 2011.
The released further said that IAY beneficiaries are selected to his favour groups only for the year 2010-11, 5% were conducted by DC Tamenglong before the work are started under the CSS schemes from some work agencies.

The released further maintained that administration of the district is not good even not looking into the irregular of electricity supply in the district. There is no transparency and good relation between DC and public social development organization and the staffs of the DRDA office, Tamenglong.

The Nungba Citizens`™ Council (NCC) and general public are fervently appealing to DC Tamenglong for not to repeat such his working style in the future.


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