Plan outlay for current fiscal year raised by Rs 45.78 crores


IMPHAL, Feb 22: The plan outlay of the state for the current financial year 2010-11 has been increased to Rs.2645.87 crores from Rs.2600 crores as per the recent revised sectoral/ sub-sectoral allocations for the annual plan 2010-11.
The said increased in the state plan outlay has come after the recent revised estimates of the sectoral allocations for the current financial approved during the recent state plan review meeting chaired by the Chief Minister.
The official source further mentioned that the increase in the current plan size of the state was due to the allocation of Rs.45.78 on account of  enhanced allocation of funds under BADP from Rs.13.36 crores to Rs.20.93 crores, control of shifting cultivation from Rs.6 crores to Rs.9 crores,  NSAP from Rs.20.24 crores to Rs.31.11 crores, GIA under Art 275(1) from Rs.7.83 crores to Rs.8.19 crores, RKVY from Rs.20 crores to Rs.24.81 crores, TSP from Rs.9.50 crores to Rs.11.87 crores and AIBP from Rs.290 crores to Rs.306.31 crores.
The source also mentioned that in view of the requirement of funds for some of the priority sectors during the financial year 2010-11, certain additional allocation/readjustments of funds have been carried out by the state government resulting in the enhancement/reduction of the outlays for some departments.


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