Revenue collection of Manipur Electricity Department skyrockets


IMPHAL Feb 1: Following the disconnection drive against power defaulters and unauthorized consumers by the Electricity Department, the revenue collection of the department has reported an all time high as consumers still queues up to clear their dues.
A progress notification from the department states, a sum of Rs 4, 58, 99,146 has been collected at counters and sites within the month of January 2011. In the drive within Electrical Circle No. 1 , a total of Rs 3,18,96,985 has been collected  within a week i.e. from 24 to 31 January.
Further beginning from April 2010 till 31 January 2011, a total amount of Rs 16,81,39,704 has been collected by the department. The statistics provided shows that the revenue collection has tripled in the month of January 2011, following the power drive.
In the drive conducted today at Paona bazar ,Haokip Veng ,Old Nambulane ,Kakhulong ,Noguilong , North AOC , Thangal Bazar, Khoyathong Road , Keisamthong Moirangningthou Maning , Hodam Leirak, Keisampat Thiyam Leikai, Keisampat Thiyam Leikai ,Leimajam Leikai ,Keisam Leikai, Singjamei Waikhom Leikai ,Mangae Makhong ,Khongman Zone II and III, Lairikyengbam Leikai , power lines of 107 defaulters were disconnected ,3 unauthorized consumers were booked and a sum of Rs.12,98,596 were collected from 199 defaulters on the spot.
It may be mentioned that since January 24, the electricity department has disconnected 679 defaulting consumers and 58 numbers of court cases have been filed.

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  1. It is a good rather great starting. It seems our people also started showing that they are ALSO in the twenty first century. But it should not hurt anybody who is sincere.
    Everybody must cooperate so that the problem is solved for all and join the better world!

  2. Good work!

    I pray that electricity department will in turn provide respectable hours of power supply/ day (I can’t dream or ask for uninterrupted power supply for whole day) to the people of Manipur.

    Sense of social responsibility for being a citizen is totally lacking among most of Manipuris. Sometimes, people need to realize that no country or state in the world feeds its citizens for free. All the basic amenities and extra facilities provided by the goverment to its people is the money collected from people only. It’s two way responsibility – from the people in the goverment as well as citizens. Again, politicians are product of our society. They are not from Mars or Venus. Level of politicians reflects the type of society in which we are living. If the people in power are sincere and majority of citizens are ideal, then there is surplus fund will be there which can be utilized for further development and eradicating economic and social unbalance in the country.

    In a movie scene, I heard a captain telling another officer that indeed Democracy is not as easy as it sounds.

    It’s very true. It’s really difficult to practice democratic form of goverment. US and european countries are rightful practioners of democracy. But, just look at countries like Zimbawe, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc where democracy is the biggest culprit. I don’t support detectorship too. I think, democracy is for those who are civilized people and not for all countries.

    India, although theoretically biggest democracy, has still a long way to go. I don’t blame GOI but the people of India.


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