Street vendors hold protest


IMPHAL Feb 20: Women street vendors along Nagamapal road rallied to protest against the state government inaction of not awarding sitting allotment to the street vendors.
The Vendors converged at Kasturi Bridge today and held a sit in protest.
Among the protestors ,Sakhi , 48 ,from Mayang Imphal and a vegetable vendor told IFP that the vendors including herself have to go through a tough time trying to sell their wares.. “We sit in the rain and bear the harsh Sun, and on top of it , we are being `taxed` by the authorities who drive us away like cattle at their whim. Even our merchandise have been confiscated and given back at night, this is inhuman”, she stated.
The protestors also echoed her claim and stated that they are against the lottery system of allocation of seats by the state authority and appealed that the government should honor the agreement made with the street vendors earlier. They alleged that sitting allotment of more than 490 card holders are not given allotments whereas those without cards are   entertained.


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