Tears over requiem


Original Source: The Imphal Free Press


Instinctively, even before I read the front page I flipped to the second page of the Feb 6 issue there it was. Nivedita s chalks vs gravel. Requiem for an old teacher her article last sunday brought tears in my eyes. Thank god Nivedita didnt become a doctor and this Sunday I realise she has not become a Mother Teresa either equally thankful for that. Writing skill is a rare gift of god – the humane in us is even more difficult to find. It is a rarity that Nivedita has everything in her. Perhaps it is her ojha Biren who is doing all the tricks for her from above. Her command of the english lanngauge, narrative power, so vivid-everything flashes infront of you even Lincoln figured ojha Biren. Truly, I have become a fan of Nivedita. I am looking foreward to buying a novel/book authored by Nivedita duly autographed. Please keep enthralling my Sundays.

Ksh. Bhabananda,
Keishampat Thokchom Leikai, Imphal.


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