THE UNCLAIMED BODY press release from Kuki Students’ Organisation Delhi



Press Release

New Delhi, the 13th February, 2011



A 30-year-old Hangminlen Haokip, a resident of Churchandpur in Manipur passed away on the night of 11th February 2011 at around 11.45pm at LNJP hospital in New Delhi. The funeral service was held on February 12 at the South West Delhi Christian Cemetery in Dwarka, Delhi. Kuki Worship Service Delhi pastor Rev Letlal Haokip conducted the funeral prayer. The funeral service was attended by the Kuki Worship Service Delhi, Kuki Students’ Organisation Delhi and Delhi Lompi. Many Kukis in the capital gathered at the cemetery.

Ironically, the father of the deceased is unknown. The name of his village is untreachable. No one claim the deceased body. Finally KSOD claimed the body.

The deceased Hangminlen Haokip and his three friends were said to be drug addicts living in Munirka. After facing money problem, they took sheltered under the flyover in Munirka. These four Kuki youths have been seen living under the flyover in November last year. The shocking incident came into limelight when somebody reported to KSO leaders residing in Munirka. Thereafter Mr Lalboi Baite, ex-vice president, KSOD made spot enquiry and found out that the condition of these youths were much beyond imagination. The matter was immediately informed to KSO advisor Pu Khupthang. The four youths were brought to advisor’s residence, where they were given medical treatment and other necessary helps.

Kuki Students’ Organisation, Kuki Worship Service, Gangte Welfare Association and Vaiphei Welfare Association had a discussion in last November.  As per their discussion, KWS leaders admitted the four youths in The Last Resort rehabilitation centre in Delhi.

After one month, two of the four youths got recovery while the health condition of the other two deteriorated each passing day. The first two youths returned back to Churachandpur while Hangminlen Haokip and Sasang Vaiphei were admitted in LNJP hospital. Hangminlen Haokip was declared dead by the doctors on February 11 night while Sasang Vaiphei is said to be in critical condition.

The incident gave us a striking lesson to learn. The youths belong to different tribes. However they chose to die under the same roof. So they began sheltering unitedly with their last hope, as one of the victims told the earlier rescuers. During day, the other two ventured out in the city to find food for their half-dead friends, who were lying unconsciously for several days. Though they were homeless, they vowed to die under one’s care rather than dying lonely. The love and unity towards their fellow being is highly appreciated. This set an exemplary life for all of us.

On behalf of the Kuki Students’ Organisation Delhi, we hereby, expressed our heartfelt gratitude to all the organisations and individuals who had painstakingly stood beside us throughout the steps.

We are deeply impressed by the cooperation extended by the broadminded leaders/members of Gangte Welfare Association, Vaiphei Welfare Association, The Last Resort, Kuki Worship Service and Kuki Students’ Organisation. We also sought everyone to stand united in the days to come.

PS. Hangminlen Haokip is misspelled as Hangminthang Haokip in the wooden cross : Courtesy: KUKI STUDENTS’ ORGANISATION DELHI
PS. Hangminlen Haokip is misspelled as Hangminthang Haokip in the wooden cross : Courtesy: KUKI STUDENTS’ ORGANISATION DELHI

PS. Hangminlen Haokip is misspelled as Hangminthang Haokip in the wooden cross.

Sd/-                                                                          Sd/-

(LAMTINTHANG HAOKIP)                             (T. DOUMINLIAN)

President General Secretary

Kuki Students’ Organisation                       Kuki Students’ Organisation

Delhi                                                                            Delhi


  1. KSOD, you guys have really set an example of a real organization. Keep up the good work. I have seen so many organizations who are there to meet once in a year, just to eat and drink. I am impressed by the kind of professionalism you have shown in your organization


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