UCM president clarifies on S. Kumar Institute


IMPHAL, Feb 2: The president of UCM, Yumnamcha Dilipkumar has clarified that S. Kumar Institute of Nursing is an institute run by his nephew S. Kumar and he has nothing to do with the administration of the institute.
A clarification statement of Dilipkumar said that the managing director S. Kumar has just named him as the chairman of his institute on the basis of uncle-nephew relationship and he has never been involved with the financial and administration matters of the institute. The sole responsibility of the institute lies with the managing director S. Kumar and not with him.
He further stated that he had rendered utmost help to ensure proper academic calendar to the students as per the appeal from the students. The Institute had finally obtained permission from Assam Paramedical and Nursing Institute to allow the nursing students of the institute appear examination without losing any academic year. The permission was obtained after much scrutinizes by showing the photographs of the building of the institute, related documents, list of students and teaching staffs along with the syllabus of the course to the concerned authority, the statement added.
It said that Dilipkumar even tried to have negotiations with the volunteers of DESAM but unfortunately they couldn’t. He appealed to all to bring an amicable solution at the earliest in this regard.

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