ULFA peace talks will not have any impact on other NE insurgent groups: RK Meghen


UNLF chairman, RK Meghen cheering up his supporters after coming out of the NIA court at Guwahati. 2011-02-08 | by : IFP Photo
UNLF chairman, RK Meghen cheering up his supporters after coming out of the NIA court at Guwahati. 2011-02-08 | by : IFP Photo
IMPHAL, Feb 7: The chairman of proscribed UNLF, RK Meghen has categorically stated that the proposed peace talk between ULFA and the Government of India will not have any impact on other insurgent groups of the North-East which have been fighting for the right to self-determination of the people.

Meghen stated this today while he was brought before the special NIA court at Guwahati for the fifth time.

The UNLF chairman further maintained that the approaches of the ULFA and the the UNLF differ qualitatively. The ULFA is preparing to have talks with the GOI without any precondition; however the C-in-C of the ULFA has strictly declined the proposed talk and the group which will have peace parleys has never sidelined the demand for independence and sovereignty, Meghen noted.

He said that the people of Manipur can attain freedom only if they work unitedly in the true spirit like those of the people of Sudan and East Timor. The GOI will find a hard time to tackle the revolutionary movement only if two-lakh out of the total 25 lakh population form a union of like-minded people.

The people of Manipur have started to demand plebiscite and there is need for further union of the people to attain the freedom and sovereignty.

Further, Meghen has extended his heartiest greetings on occasion of the foundation day of MPA, and also gave revolutionary salute to the departed cadres of the outfit.

Meanwhile, the Special Court has rejected the plea of the NIA officials to record the voice tape of RK Meghen.

Six other cadres of the UNLF arrested from Guwahati were also produced before the Special NIA Court today.


  1. Dear Dr Singh,

    If “Crying Clubs” is not the answer. What is the answer?? The Meities are not united and 90% of the population is worried about how to make 2 meals a day.

    I have read some of your books but they seem to be only a recollection of your past rather then a discussion on the socio economic situation in Manipur

    • I ve funny answer to your question “Singh”(not to Erengbam).What I suggest is that you sheds your so called “singh attitudes” first then only Kangleipak will be in correct way and form.People like have made hell out of situation!When I think Kangleipak needs changes I do also take up the necessary to cleanse meetei way of thinking first.The thinking that now maligned by mayang culture(rather a cliche).We are not telling you do any NEW THING at all.What the message right now that walk along with what Kangleipak is!I just feel that there is going to be great battle ahead in this regard!Not against the enemy but with own people but we have to fight this first!And this is the hardest part!

  2. I totally Agree with Mr Meghen!Kangleipak’s history totally different from other parts of indian north east regions Which I proud of!This will carry on even though strong or weak.These days people’s mind is so much distorted that that they are in the illusion that they are free and complacent.A man incarcerated in prison for more than he lived outside four wall will have such psychology.


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