CM unhappy with progress at work sites; instructs concerned departments to expedite work


IMPHAL, March 27: The state Chief Minister has today expressed his dissatisfaction and anger over the slow pace of working at the various work sites being taken up in an around the state capital.
The CM today alongwith the state works minister K Ranjit and PDA chairman Kh Loken conducted an inspection tour of the various developmental works being undertaken in the capital including the Naga Nullah, Nambul river taken up under Jawaharlal Nehru Urban Renewable Mission and Capitol complex, Chingmeirong, High court complex and city convention centre, Palace compound, ISBT at Khuman Lampak.
Speaking on the sidelines of the tour the CM expressed shock and dissatisfaction at the slow work progress at some of the work sites including the ISBT, Naga Nullah and Nambul River project.
He maintained that the Naga Nullah and the Nambul River project are being undertaken by the PDA and IFCD jointly with a funding of Rs 10 crores from centre. The CM on finding the work progress to be slow along the Khuyathong stretch of the Naga Nullah inquired the contractors on the reason at which the contractors cited lack of labourers due to the recent yaoshang holidays which has slowed down the work progress.
The CM called for extra labourers to quicken the work progress along the stretch.
On the construction of the ISBT at Khuman Lampak, the CM maintained that it has been constructed with a funding of Rs 26.4 crores from the NEC and an additional Rs 10 crores from the state totaling at Rs 36.4 crores.
The CM further expressed dismay over the kind of work being undertaken at the ISBT site. He further maintained that the work site has remained as it was in his previous tour with no visible developments. The CM showing his dissent over the slow pace of work and unfit nature of the contractors which has hindered the completion deadline of the Inter State Bus Terminus project, had enjoined the works minister K Ranjit who was accompanying the CM on the tour to change the present working contractors if they are unfit and to handover the contract to other willing construction agencies.
During today’s inspection tour, the CM also visited the Capitol project, Chingmeirong and High Court complex at Lei Ingkhol, Chingmeirong and assured that the development programmes in the capital would be completed before the monsoon season by deploying more man power in the undergoing works.
The Chief Minister had already instructed concerned department to expedite the work progress to meet the target at the      earliest.


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