Cracks visible on Khuga Canal again


    From KaimuanthangLamka Mar 16: Not even a year has passed since the inauguration of the Khuga Multipurpose dam by the Congress Chair Person, Sonia Gandhi, but the much hyped project which is expected to provided the benefit of irrigation to farmers crumbled this morning from around 9:30 am.
    The banks of right side canal crumbled near Lingsiphai village and submerged paddy fields located in and around the places. All the left banks of the canal sinked and then slided down to the paddy fields making the water which flows in the canal changed its course. Till the filing of this report no officials enquired the incidents. This is the third time that the canal banks crumbled.
    Earlier the bank was crumbled twice at Kawnpui village area which has been unattended for sometimes.
    The assured benefit like water for drinking purposes and the water for irrigation has not been delivered though people in the areas are agreeable to inability of the government in providing power yet the canals are not at all fit for used to provide sufficient irrigation.



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