Death of teenager sparks controversy at Khurai


A police personnel firing tear gas shell towards a mob at Khurai today.
A police personnel firing tear gas shell towards a mob at Khurai today.
IMPHAL, March 14: Controversy looms large at Khurai area following the death of a teenage boy today whose dead body was found from a pond at Khurai Konsam Leikai, Imphal East district, under Porompat Police station.

The victim is identified as one Yurembam Naoba, 16, s/o Bangkim of Kongpal Laishram Leikai. The deceased was supposed to appear the ensuing HSLC exams.

The death sparked tension at Khurai today when an irate mob of relatives and friends of the deceased thronged the residential area of Khurai Popular School. However a team of police rushed on the spot and dispersed the mob. In the process the police resorted to firing tear gas shells but no casualty was reported.

The mob further charged that the victim was beaten to death and dumped in the pond by Ng. Raghu and his brothers for having an affair with the daughter of Raghu.

The family members of the victim has further charged that the boy was called out yesterday by the family members of the girl at around 10:30 pm and failed to return home after that. The boy was later found death today morning at around 8:30 am.

At the same time, they accuses that Ng. Brajamohan, Ng. Ranjit, Ng. Loken, (cousins of Raghu) were main culprit involved in the killing as the trio came asking for the deceased few days back on the matter of a girl of the accused family.

The allegation was however denied by the accused family. They claimed that the deceased was caught last night around 11 pm while trying to break in a store own by Ng. Brajamohan. They admitted that the local did beat the deceased and later escaped adding it presumed that he might have fallen into the pond accidentally.

The lifeless body of the deceased was retrieved this morning around 8 am from Khurai Konsam Leikai Pukhri Achaoba by a team fire service with the assistance of a local diver.

The corpse bear bruise mark in some part of the body and a deep head injury inflicted by sharp object. Besides that, a dendrite adhesive and ink remover were recovered by the police from the possession of the deceased.

The corpse was deposited at JNIMS morgue for post mortem.

But the family informed that they will not claimed the body until justice has been delivered.In the meantime, police also picked a suspect in connection with the incident however the identity is kept concealed owing to the ongoing investigation.



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