Labour Act amended to include 28 points benefit for labourers


IMPHAL, March 4: Succesful social reformation and economic sustainability of the state could be achieved only through the recognition of the rights for the labours and the services delivered by them for the welfare of the society.

This was stated by the state Labour and Employment minister, Ph Parijat while attending the inaugural function of the observation of the 40th National Safety Day/Week Campaign held this morning at the Manipur Press Club, Imphal jointly organized by the coordinating committee of the Trade Unions of Workers and the office of the Deputy Labour Commissioner Manipur.

The minister while inaugurating the function further mentioned that, there is an immediate need for the general public to get knowledge of laws and other regulations framed by the state Labour department so as to avoid exploitations of the labours.The state labour and employment ministry has also amended its labor act to include a landmark 28 points for the benefit and protection of laborers in the unorganized sector of the economy under the unorganized social security act, 2008.

The amended act has attempted to address, inter alia, the issue of child labor and the plight of construction workers in the State. While the act has initiated a safety net such as Manipur building and other construction workers’ welfare board, it has also empowered the labor department to monitor child labor closely.

The newly amended labor act and labor welfare board will monitor employers in the unorganized sector and attempt to keep vigilance on unscrupulous employers who engaged laborers unilaterally for more than the universally accepted 8 hours norm and on their repudiation to sufficiently compensate during accidental injury at work, stated the labor minister Parijat.

He further mentioned that, it is also a must for the employers to provide adequade infrastructures and equipments to their labour in order to get satisfactory service provisions from the labour.

The labour minister further mentioned that, as per the official labour tariff fixed by the department, it is a must for the employers to give Rs. 122.10 per day for the unskilled labours, Rs. 129.97 for Semi skilled labours and Rs.132.60 per day for the skilled labours.

The inaugural function of the campaign was attended by Th. Shakhi Devi, president, coordinating Committee of the Trade Unions and the office of the Deputy Labour Commissioner, Manipur, T Pammei, IAS, director of Commerce and Industries, government of Manipur, E Binoykumar Singh, retd. chief engineer (Works), G Tombi Sharma, chairperson Manipur Building and other Construction Workers’ Welfare Board and NS Gokulmani, executive director, Manipur State RSBY Society as president, and guest of honours respectively.



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