Bridge destruction decried


    IMPHAL, April 25: The Lilong Womens’ Welfare Association has decided to prevent any form of destruction on Lilong Arapti bridge and deliver social punishment to those persons involved in the destruction of the said bridge.
    The decision of the association was made this morning during the meeting of the association at the residence of the association’s president Phandom Ongbi Tombirei at Lilong Arapti during which the association strongly condemned the act of destruction at some portion of the Lilong Arapti Bridge by some unidentified person last night.
    It may be mentioned that, a joint inspection was conducted by councilors of Lilong Nagar Panchayat yesterday evening of the damaged portions of the said bridge for taking necessary initiative for the repairing.
    On the other hand the public meeting also resolved to fight against any forms of destructions by the anti social element in the future to come.


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