Cricket is the most popular game in India.Do you think Manipur can produce cricket players who can play for India team?


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    1. Manipuris are generally very good in sports. The statistics says it all, be it athletics, soccer, hockey etc. We can produce top class sports persons in other disciplines as well provided we have the infrastructure. Cricket, tennis etc need a lot of money and infrastructure. That’s where we falter.

    2. We don’t have infra structures for the production of good cricketers. Now as there is a lot of money involved in this game the competition among players is like anything. For a decade or two Manipur cannot produce players of international standard. Talented players have to play outside the state.

    3. why not? PMayangs are no better than manipuris in sports.Pick up any game;whether it be cricket or football or volleyball or table tennis or boxing or weightlifting or what…say more…but i think manipurs are far behind in Lawn tennis….

      • Manipur may lag behind in producing top class tennis players but some of the
        first rate tennis coaches in India are Manipuri. Manipur tennis coaches are doing extremely well at National Tennis Academy, Chandigarh and abroad, places like Dubai and elsewhere. Manipur Tennis players had reached Finals in East Zone all India inter University Tournaments. There has been Under-21 Players whose all India ranking has been in the top 20. What they need is sponsorships, money to buy air tickets to participate in as many tournaments as possible, thats the only one can climb up the rankings.

    4. why do you think that mongoloid can’t play Cricket? I thing you are a great looser Nongshaba! It is one person’s determination and positive thought that pimps impossible to possibilities. You are so scare to step up, so don’t comment on anything becoz you type of people are the killer of those ambitious. There many good cricketers in Many who are far better in the field you ever imagine. The only thing is there is no one to pull them out. You slut don’t even play cricket and give this shit comment . You should be ashamed of yourself. Look into the mirror see for your self and find our those thousands quest you have never ever answered.

      • We would like to see your big.**%%% put in your M..**** adam !

        We dont play cricket which is solely Indian burden!Its a baggage that indian ritually continuing lagacy!From whom Non other than Indian’s master ! Everythime you paly ricket we laugh a loud to see you people servilty!!

        Not satisfied with it ,you are trying to spread the germs.Sick Indian!Nowhere else Inidan are taken seriously but bashed up,I heard one temple has been burnt down to ashes(australia)!We need to see this in Kangleipak too!Which is inevitable!

      • Cee adam the reason why I hate crickets could b others Manipuri outlook. Cricket is been invading space of other game for last 3 decade. After winning WC in mid of 80. There is many instance where we wanted to watch game (Like football. Boxing where Manipuri player are reprenting INDIA. r not been bother to telecast/Highlight. Bcoz of IPL/ Local cricket tournament media hype) Remember cricket is a game which is mainly played by INDIA & PAKISTAN n only 13 nations are played all over. Auzi, England player hd no value on home country. It’s only in INDIA where they paid well. Bcz of incompetent mayang obsessed with content where they can beat England. Which is impossible to beat them in football. This lazy game will not b so hype if paki r not adversary. There is not guarantee that recent C. WC. Are not match fix. N hate for cricket is more aggravated on recent killing in thoubal WC winning celebration. FINE U GO HEAD WITH CELEBRATION. MR..ADAM. (r u manipuri)

    5. i dont why ko want to popularize glorified version of WWF. n dont forget brother . this is a game which assassinated all Olympics game in INDIA. N does nt suite asian people (Mongoloid).. no hard felling please……….

    6. That is an absolutely ridiculous question. Why can’t Manipur produce great cricketers !! Given proper training and a fair opportunity, most, and the stress is on MOST, can shine in any field, not only cricket ! Yes, of course, if you make people like Kalmadi incharge for picking who can or cannot play, then only those will be picked who pay him the most !!

    7. That is ridiculous question. Why would anybody doubt the human capability based on his domicile !! No state or country has men with their foreheads stamped !! Given proper training, and opportunity, most, and the stress is on MOST, would do well in any field, not only in cricket. Ofcourse, if you make people like Kalmadi, responsible for picking players, he will pick the ones who will pay the most !!


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