Enraged mob attacks residence


IMPHAL, April 12: An angry mob today attacked a house at Khurai Konsam Leikai, before the police intervened and controlled them.

In connection with the alleged killing of one Yurembam Naoba, 16, s/o Bangkim of Kongpal Laishram Leikai recently on March 14, a mob of supporters and family members of the killed youth today attacked the private residence of the family allegedly involved in the killing of the boy.

The incident occurred today at around 2:30 pm when the mob stormed the Khurai Konsam Leikai residence of the accused family.

The supporters stoned at the residence of the accused during the mob violence, creating some damages to the house. The mob also attacked a hardware store belonging to one Wahengbam Shamu, s/o W Thaba Devi of Konsam Maning Leikai, a relative of Raghu.

However Imphal East Police led by Addl SP Puspanjali arrived at the scene and managed to control the enraged mob.

According to one protestor, the mob was enraged by the attitude of the family whi is allegedly involved in the killing. The supporter maintained that even though the three suspects involved in the killing are yet to be produced in the court on April 16, the accused family seemed to have return to normalcy.

This enraged the supporters of the boy who was allegedly killed by the three accused on the night of March 13 for allegedly having an affair with the daughter of Raghu, one of the accused.


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