Five international stalls for Chinjak Festival-II


IMPHAL, April 18: After the successful Chinjak Festival (I) atThoubal, held during November 2010, the Innovative Youth Society is back with a broader vision to hold Chinjak Festiva-II-International 2011 from April 22 to May 1 at the Iboyaima Shumang Leela Sanglen campus.
The festival is to be organized by the Innovative Youth Society in association with Department of Tourism, Manipur. Host participants from countries like Thailand, Korea, China, and Vietnam along with many local participants would be taking part.
This would be an opportunity for all local participants to learn on different aspects of food production and promotion and the science and art of food promotion, organisers said.
Thirty local stalls and five international stalls shall serve 140 local, traditional and indigenous menu and 20 international menu stated Kh. Athouba, Managing Director of the Board of Chinjak Festival 2011.
Commissioner of Torism KK Chettry launched, the official website of the festival which will help visitors know more about the indigenous and traditional foods of Manipur. A public kitchen would be setup for all visitors where they can learn preparation of indigenous and traditional foods of Manipur which will be guided and taught by volunteers supported with recipe. A tourist information centre would be setup within the festival campus by the Tourism Department, he stated.
He also stated that the objective of the festival is to get exposure and exchange the knowledge of food catering, garnishing, management service and culture and to attract the maximum visitors by introducing various international menus during the festival. Athouba further stated that Chinjak Food Festival Management Board is looking forward to serve various indigenous and traditional food of Manipur in the next five years.


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