KCP Maoist to penalize erring PDS agents


IMPHAL, April 7: The KCP Maoist has warned to treat anybody looting the public property as enemy and award befitting punishment as such groups are akin to domestic reactionaries.

A statement issued by Nonglen Meitei, assistant secretary publicity and propaganda of the outfit, maintained that the outfit in its investigation has found out that a huge amount of PDS items has been misappropriated without any trace during the past eight years which included 21,443000 tone of rice and 2,358000 sugar meant for BPL and APL section.

It alleged that the Lamlai MLA, Ph. Parijat is among the section that has been depriving the rights of the poor.

It pointed out that the PDS items is to be distributed through 2551 fair price shops. An amount of 35/35 kg each household/month should be distributed from April 2002 at the rate of 3.5 rupees per kg adding such deprivation amounts to sucking the blood of poor.

The KCP take serious note of the situation for many has to depend on imported food grains and moreover some of these sections are monoplising the market.

The outfit urged all the agents to take up fair distribution of all PDS items failing it warned to unleashed extreme action which included burning the residents of the agents, shooting their legs, triggering blast and at the same time award capital punishment to agents who defy the warning.

It appealed the people to accept the initiative as a temporary arrangement and co-operate with the outfit.


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