MNRF appeal


    IMPHAL, April 12: Manipur Naga Revolutionary Front (MNRF) in a press release by the outfit`™s information and publicity officer Max Stone heralds the need for a unified populace and especially among the insurgents groups demanding liberation.

    The release states that the public has been reeling under a colonial rule since 1949 and the occupational forces have carried out countless crimes in the name of counter insurgency The need of the hour is not for different outfits to push forward their personal agendas and community based revolutionary ethos, but to be united to forward the revolutionary movement.

    Outfits operating in the valley should be aware that MNRF also demands the liberation of the state. The outfits are not unified and there are many hiccups which have to be overcome to bring an united front and to identify the true enemy, it states.

    There is no one in the outfit by the name of finance secretary Til and the revenue officer oversees all financial matters. The outfit has learned that the person referred as Til is carrying out rampant extortion and trying to malign the image of the outfit. The public needs to be wary of such impersonators and contact the organization at [email protected],the release said.


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