Newly inaugurated hall dedicated to people


    From Kaimuanthang Lamka April 16 : In a grand function held today from 11 am, the Zogal Hall constructed in remembrance of the Zogal war veterans have been inaugurated by works minister K Ranjit Singh. Soon after the inauguration it was dedicated to the people for used by Rev Stephen Chinzathang with a prayer.
    The function was attended by TN Haokip , minister IPR /Tourism/ PhED as well as the outer Manipur MP to the Lok Sabha Thangso Baite , the DC/ Ccpur Jacintha Lazurus IAS ,commander 27th Sector AR brigdier Surrendra Mehta as special guest of the occassion besides many other disgnitaries.
    It was an occassion of thanks giving to God for helping the long cherish dreams of having such a hall comes true for the ZOUs. And for that matter choir singers from various church denomination apart from reputed singers rocking the gatherings The Ngasuan Lei AV Cassette containing songs composed so as to remember the 21 number of people who died when an overloaded trucks met its tragic end several years back was also released by the MP Thangso Baite at the occassion.


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