PULF resents


    IMPHAL, Apr 15: The Peoples United Liberation Front, (PULF) in a statement, has expressed strong resentment over the manner in which the selection of beneficiary for EDP scheme.
    A PULF statement released by outfit’s Information & Publicity secretary Md Rauf Khan said  MOBC department which is supposed to take up welfare and development programmes for minority Muslim community is rather becoming a department for earning easy money.
    The PULF statement strongly alleged that the selection list of EDP beneficiary made out by the director MOBC recently had many irregularities. The list had 3/4 beneficiaries from a family which too had government servant apart from having irrelevent names and photographs. 
    Alleging that the selection list pasted on notice board of the department was torn out intentionally by some person in collusion with officials of the MOBC department, the PULF also asked as to why the EDP selection list was not made public through local newspaper.
    The PULF statement further said the outfit put complete ban on the EDP selection list.
    Threatening to punish some members of the selection committee who are close to minister Alauddin, the PULF also asked as to why the MOBC director agreed to sign the selection list prepared by the minister.
    The outfit, while demanding a white paper on the EDP selection list, observed that the Chief Minister and his cabinet ministers should took interest in rectifying MOBC department.


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