Yoga fair to instill right food habits for a healthy state


IMPHAL, April 26: With an objective to promote Yoga for good health and to instill the right food habits amongst the people of the state, the National Institute of Naturopathy (NIN), Pune will be organizing ‘Natural Health Food Fair, 2011 and Yoga Naturopathy Seminar Manipur at GM Hall Imphal from April, 28 to May 1.
Declaring this Dr. Babu Joseph, director NIN, Pune during a press conference held this afternoon at the Manipur Press Club Imphal, further added that food is essential in building health, but there are certain health principles related to food and food habits and that violation of these principles, food turns poisonous and can cause various diseases from swine flu to cancer.
He said that the modern man is suffering from innumerable diseases due to his wrong life style in relation to food and food habits. Life style diseases of today can only be prevented by improving the quality of life.
Yoga is an important component in correction of life style as the all round development of an individual is taken care by yoga with physical, mental and spiritual well being as the aim of yoga, he added.
He further said that, the ensuing fair is a government programme and will be open to the general public from 10 am to 7pm on all four days, without any entrance fee.
Health food will be made available during the fair on order and the health food items will be exhibited along with their method of preparation and uses.
Banners explaining the right food and food habits will also be displayed, he declared.
He further mentioned that, the Naturopathy Burger, Sweet pan cake, vegetable idli, haemoglobin laddu and various other natural snacks have been whole heartedly welcome by the people at Pune, Delhi, Patna and various places where they have conducted similar fairs. Because of the overwhelming response of the people, they are organizing such fair this time in Manipur, he maintained.
It is also mentioned that, along with the fair, they are also organizing a seminar on various health topics like diabetes mellitus, hypertension, stress management and heart disease at 1 am from April 29 to May 1. Extempore speech for college students and drawing competition for children are arranged at 1.30 pm on April 29 and 30 April respectively.
The said fair will be inaugurated by the state Health and Family Welfare minister L Jayantakumar Singh on April 28 and will be presided over by Dr S Ibomcha director State Health Services, Government of Manipur, he added.


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