Congress trying to shift responsibility of defeat: Imchen


Imkong L Imchen
Imkong L Imchen, Home Minister
By Oken Jeet Sandham

KOHIMA, May 17 (NEPS): State Home Minister Imkong L Imchen said the opposition Congress party in Nagaland was trying to shift the responsibility of the defeat of their candidate by diverting the issue.

In an interaction with NEPS Tuesday here at his office chamber, the Home Minister reiterated his stand that the mandate given to the NPF in the just concluded 26 Aonglenden by-election was a “clear manifestation” on the Naga political issue.

Elaborating further, the Minister said like any other elections in Nagaland, the election in the 26 Aonglenden by-poll too was based on “policy” that was Naga political issue. In other words, the NPF contested all were basing on such “principles,” and as such, the mandate given to them was a clear manifestation that it was on the Naga political issue, he averred.

Imchen also categorically explained that in the process of fair play in democratic principles, one thing was “sure and clear” that the defeats were accepted by losers with “humility and gracefully” which was shown even today by leaders of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, West Bengal and Assam by resigning from their respective positions.

Regrettably, in the case of NPCC it had hardly any affect, he alleged and added that, “Perhaps it is their (NPCC) party internal affairs”. He said the NPCC lost in their own game and so “why they blamed us.”

Stating that in electoral battles like theirs in Nagaland or elsewhere in the country, “winning or losing is part of the game,” Imchen expressed. “It is not sin to lose,” he said. “You have to take it sportingly.”

Asked about his reaction to NPCC president SI Jamir’s questioning his bloodline who were any in the national service during the turbulent times, the Home Minister said he (SI Jamir) had to answer in “legal terms.”

Replying to NPCC chief’s point that he was groomed to become a leader while in Congress party, Imchen asked whether they (Congress) had groomed him or he contributed to the party (Congress). “But I do admit that I was a staunch Congressman and that till today I say that,” he echoed.

But they should also know that many of the present Congress legislators in the State had also made defections from one party to others, he started saying “Perhaps they will even deny this.”

The Home Minister further alleged that the Congress party in Nagaland was capable of making all sort of “complaints” but “not capable of performers.” “It is their habit to complain against anybody on every day,” he said. “It is their business and let them go on complaining.”

“But I am not interested to conduct in running arguments with them every day,” he asserted.

Asked who should be given credit for the winning of the 26 Aonglenden by-poll, he replied that it was a “team work and with the good work of the Chief Minister.”

Reposing his faith in Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio’s leadership, Imchen said for any “eventuality,” “I will support him and I am for him.” He further informed that his political ideology was to “safeguard the interest of the Naga people.”


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