JAC againsts shifting of Rozer killing accused to JN security ward


IMPHAL, May 14: The JAC against the killing of Irom Rozer Singh has strongly opposed the recent shifting of the main accused in Rozer’s killing, from the central Sajiwa Jail to JN Hospital medical ward.A release of the JAC signed by its convener A Boby Singh, has opposed the efforts made by the family of Ajay to take the main accused out on bail as the JAC claims to know the accused is fit and there he has no illness whatsoever.It has further maintained that the CJM Imphal had previously rejected the bail application of N Ajay which was applied on medical grounds and the same court has also directed the State medical board to conduct further examination of the accused. It has further appealed the members of the State Medical Board to perform their duties sincerely so as to deliver justice to the Rozer killing case.The release further mentioned that if the concerned members of the board failed to listen to the appeal of the JAc and in case any irregularities is found in dealing with the case, the JAC will not remain silent and the JAC will definitely turn against the members.The JAC has also warned of serious consequences if the accused is given bail.It also warned of action should any bad fortune befall witnesses or the family of the victim during the trial of the case.Further the JAC has drawn the attention of the Chief Minister to conduct the investigation into the case as per the gravity of the crime so as to enable delivery of justice as desired by the common masses.


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