People`s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak


    IMPHAL May 31: The People`™s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (PREPAK) assistant publicity and propaganda secretary in charge of assistant in charge major Sunil in a press meet with reporters in a hill district has announced that the PREPAK has been rechristened as PREPAK (Progressive) in short PREPAK (pro).

    He said that there will be no PREPAK (GS) and the new name will be applied from tomorrow onwards.

    There will be no change in the PREPAK emblem, army name and others including the anniversary and foundation day. PREPAK (pro) will stand committed for the struggle of independence.

    The step has been initiated according to the wishes of the public to unite the outfit and further to institute a united front of the revolutionaries of the state.

    It further stated that the wrongs perpetrated in the name of PREPAK(GS) is deeply regretted.


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