Repeal the draconian Armed Forces Special Power Act 1958, (AFSPA) immediately- Adv Asim Sarode


Pune 24th May: The Armed Forces Special Power Act 1958, (AFSPA) which was introduced by the Central government initially for 6 months only under the reason of maintaining law and order is taking its tolls since 53 years now in the north east states. The law grants the military wide powers to arrest without warrant, shoot-to-kill, and destroy property in disturbed areas. It also protects military personnel responsible for serious crimes from prosecution. This has made them an extra-judicial force. The undemocratic laws like these which are oppressive of the civil rights and deny the citizenship’s dignity shall be repealed immediately said human rights activist Adv Asim Sarode. Civil Right activist Ojas Su Ra, Adv Anand Thounoujam, Supreme Court Lawyer Adv Umesh Bhagwat, Adv Rama Sarode, Students from various Law Colleges and students from Manipur, Nagaland, Assam etc were present on the occasion. The students formed a human chain also demanding concerns for civil activist Irom Sharmila, who is on fast since 11 years now.

He pointed out that Manipuri writer and activist Sharmila Irom has been on hunger strike for over 10 years protesting against the AFSPA and human rights abuse. “We Punekars took pride in supporting Anna Hazare’s fast against corruption. We should be doing the same in case of Irom Sharmila”. This Iron Lady is not fighting for north-east states but the law which has alienated its own people from rest of India.

Peoples from the north-east giving thanks to Sahyog Trust, Human Right and Law Defender (HRLD) for taking initiative to organized the protest demonstration at Balgandharva square Pune against the armed Forces Special power Act (AFSPA) 1958, which gives absolute powers to the security personnel, saying that it has become a tool for human rights violations in the insurgency affected areas of North East.
Our Voice is – “Repeal the Black Law Armed Forces Special Power Act 1958 and Stop Undeclared War Against its Own People because We Want Peace.”
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