Rojer shooting case accused to be shifted to JN hospital security ward


IMPHAL May 11: In a development in  the Irom Rojer shooting incident which took place at Ghari Lamkai in March last, the Chief Judicial Magistrate (Imphal West), S Imomacha has passed a directive for shifting the accused to JN Hospital in a hearing held today.
Sources from the judiciary informed that the CJM has issued a directive to the concerned jail authority to shift N Ajay Meitei, main accused in the incident to the JN Hospital security ward on health grounds.
The counsel of N Ajay had moved a plea for bail of the accused on medical grounds as the medical facility inside the Sajiwa Jail was insufficient for treatment, the matter being heard in court today, the bail plea was rejected for Ajay and his four friends allegedly involved in the incident, however the CJM endorsed the need for further medical verification of N Ajay and passed the directive.
The authenticity of his medical grounds will be referred to the Medical Board for approval of bail, the source adds.
It may be mentioned that the centre had ordered a CBI inquiry into the alleged killing of Irom Rojer by N Ajay, son of IFCD minister N Biren during the Yaoshang festival and the case was taken over at the initiative of Home Minister P Chidambaram after being urged by Rojer’s parents who met the Minister on April 28.
The Imphal CJM court on a sitting held on May 9 had earlier conducted a hearing for bail approval of N Ajay and his friends Th Anilkumar, B Roshnikumar, Puyam Sidhartha and Soram Raj Singh and was postponed till today.
The court had rejected the bail plea based on the Investigating Officers’s contention that the family of the main accused N Ajay is “very influential” and as such evidence may be tampered if the accused are released on bail. And that they are likely to threaten the witness once they are released on bail. The accused are still in judicial custody.


  1. “Roger shooting” has already been converted to jokes that people of Kangleipak should know by then.Some people have come up the brightest idea of deputing the case to “messiah CBI” which made ourselves and our character as buffoon of the year.In Kangleipak until leaders like Ibobi reign,any case like Khwairamban shooting or Rogers Shooting will meets its premature demise like these with tint of farce or joke at end(like CBI as key words ha ha ha ).

  2. What happens to Ajay? Is his health really deteriorated or is it like he does not want to share the facilities and advantages that he has been enjoying with his co-accused friends? Or is it another drama that politicians used to play once they are convicted or sent to jail to buy time and avoid their arrest or enjoy the best treatment. Good move though!


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