Stray incidents of violence mar otherwise IMC election peaceful


Women voters braving the harsh sun to cast their votes in the IMC election today somewhere in Imphal West district.
Women voters braving the harsh sun to cast their votes in the IMC election today somewhere in Imphal West district.
IMPHAL, May 25: The Imphal Municipal Council election was conducted today amidst tight security arrangement and some stray incidents of poll related violence reported from some pockets.

Except for the few violent incidents which were reported late in the afternoon, the polls could be said successful with a turn out of over 82 percent reported officially from both districts where the polling was conducted.

As per the final official report released late in the evening, Imphal West witnessed a turnout of 82.99 percent of voter turnout (of total 1,14,512 voters atleast 95028 voters cast their votes) while it was reported to be slightly higher in Imphal East with 83.53 percent of voters (out of 47792 voters atleast 39675 voter cast their votes) casting their votes in the district.

Polling started at 8 am today as was officially fixed in all 281 polling stations of the 27 wards of Imphal Municipal Council of both districts and there has been a record turnout of voters throughout the day with around 45% voter turnout reported in the morning already at most polling stations.

In the meantime, in a late information received from the respective offices of Returning Officers concerned of both the Imphal East and Imphal West district, all polling personnel along with the sealed ballot boxes from their respective stations have returned safely to the respective offices of the ROs located at Porompat DC office for Imphal East and Lamphel DC office for Imphal West district late this evening and the sealed ballot boxes have been kept at the respective strong rooms maintained in both the DC offices at Porompat and Lamphalpat and guarded by Central Paramilitary forces deployed in both the offices since this evening.

It may be mentioned that, during the election to the Imphal Municipal Election total of 272 candidates including 93 candidates contesting for councilors and 179 candidates are contesting for the Ward Development Committee and the Imphal Muncipal Council is having a total of 1,62,268 voters.

Meanwhile it may be mentioned that the police department had performed their duties well with the department chalking out a security deployment plan after identifying 44 Hyper Sensitive Polling Stations, 125 Sensitive Polling Stations and 72 normal polling stations to prevent any possible poll related violence inside the various polling stations, besides the frequent mobile patrolled team of District Police commandos at the peripheries of each and every polling stations helped in the smooth conduct of the polls in most of the polling stations today.

On the other hand counting of votes will be started from 8 am of May 27 at the respective office complexes of Porompat DC office for Imphal East and Lamphal DC office Complex for Imphal West district as per the officially announced election notification by the state Chief Election officer.


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