Suspect in Roma`s killing found dead


IMPHAL, May 2: A person suspected to be involved in the killing of Roma Devi, who was found dead recently was also found dead at his residence in a suspicious manner today.

The deceased is identified to be one Thoudam Sanjoy alias Itao, 38, s/o Th Khogen of Kontha Khabam, an auto driver by profession.

A spokesperson of the JAC against the brutal killing of Roma Devi, revealed that the JAC has instituted its own investigation in the case relating to the killing of Roma Devi.

As a part of the investigation it was found out that the victim Roma had a conversation with Sanjoy. The following fact was found out after Roma`™s sim card was checked at the office of the service provider of the sim card.

Following the clue the JAC pressured the police to take statement of four auto drivers servicing in the area. Three fellow drivers of Sanjoy gave their statement in connection with the case however Sanjoy the main suspect was found death at his residence prior to giving his statement today, said the JAC.

Concerned over the development the JAC had a meeting today at the ground of Kontha Khabam Ibemcha High School.

In the meet the JAC alleged that it is confident about Sanjoy`™s involvement in the killing of Roma and that many others could also be involved in the case.

Subsequently they unanimously resolved to mount pressure on the police to book the other culprits involved in the killing of Roma within 10 days failing which the JAC also resolve to resort to take many form of agitations.

In the meantime, cremation of Sanjoy was disallowed by the JAC on the charges that the family members of the deceased tried to cremate the victim without post mortem and also without the knowledge of JAC and the locality.

Following the complaint of the JAC to the police, post mortem was conducted on the dead body of Sanjoy.

Meanwhile the JAC has further decided to allot a site for Sanjoy`™s cremation and also to bar entry of any local persons in any religious rituals of Sanjoy.

It may be recalled that Roma was found murdered in a suspicious manner on April 21 from Irong under Heingang police station, after she went missing since April 3.


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