AMAWOVA expresses concern over rising violence against women


IMPHAL June 26: The All Manipur Women Voluntary Association (AMAWOVA), today, said that the association takes seriously on the growing numbers of crimes and discrimination perpetrated against women in the state since the past several years. A press conference was held today at the Manipur press club, in regard to the issue.

Taking note of the various incidents wherein women have been called out using mobile phone or befriending girls through mobile phones and later discarding them or killing them by her acquaintance Ch.(o) Usharani, president of AMAWOVA said that nowadays people are become more attach towards materialism.

Rapid advancement and development in technological know how is adversely affecting the youths, she maintained.

Several cases of abominable crimes which were unheard of in the past are occurring frequently in the state, she mentioned.

Besides, she said that the real concerning factor in our society is the increasing number of people without proper viable employment which only heightens the crime rate in the state.

While addressing the media persons from different local dailies, Usharani said that the association is preparing to organize several awareness campaign on the merits and demerits of the various media usages including TV, radio, internet, mobile phones etc in various places in the state.

Y. Kunjerani, vice president AMAWOVA and W. Ibemcha secretary general AMAWOVA were also present during the press conference.


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