Evicted families fill Lamphel lock-up briefly


IMPHAL, June 17: Desperate evicted families of Lamphel Yaipha Leikai stayed in the Lamphel Police custody briefly after their temporary sheds and shelters were yet again evicted by the Police.

A team of the Lamphel police as a part of their continued drive of eviction today ransacked the temporary makeshift sheds and shelters this evening around 3 pm, put up at the road side between the Lamphel Employment Exchange office and office of the Chief Electoral Officer by the affected individuals of the eviction that was carried out on June 6 at Lamphel Yaipha Leikai.

About 10 individuals including two children forcefully climb on board the Police vehicle contending that they have no more shelters due to the further eviction of their only sheds and shelters.

After staying in custody of the police for a brief period the displaced residents later walk away from the police station late in the evening.

The police were compelled to take the aggrieved residents along with them till the police station following their adamant act.

The displaced residents have been putting up temporary sheds and shelters in the area since the eviction. Moreover they were left in the agitating mood for only 14 houses were affected by the eviction leaving behind some houses nearby.

In the meantime, even as the concerned MLA offered a place at the vicinity of Lamphel for relocating the displaced residents the offer however was rejected by the residents owing to the lack of security over the land and the unfavorable condition for habitation.

It has been reported that the alternative relocation is a marshy area at the same time temporary for three months only.


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