FECTAM says govt order on pay scale devoid of UGC regulations


IMPHAL June 5: The Federation of College Teachers’ Association, Manipur (FECTAM) has stated that the order passed by the state government regarding the payment of UGC grade scale to the teachers of the state has not been done in totality. A press release by FECTAM convenor M Lokendra Singh states that a meeting was held in the regard at DM College and attended by members of the general council of the federation. The meet deliberated on the pay revision order of the state government passed on June 3.The release alleged that the order which states that the teachers will be paid UGC scale salary is not concurrent with the MHRD norms, and the order was found lacking and devoid of UGC regulations. Even if the salary amount is similar, it does not confirm to the guidelines, the release maintained.FECTAM further states that the legislators of the state has been led astray by the top level executives, the order which is not similar to the UGC if implemented will lead to loss of various projects launched by the UGC, this will affect the quality of education in the state and only Manipur has been sidelined in the entire nation regarding the implementation as other states have already been accorded the UGC norms in totality, it said. The conduct of the officers which aims to blind the legislators and further to present them in the wrong light is tantamount to complete disregard of the national educational policies. The sinister designs of the IAS officers of the state is that, even though cabinet decisions have been taken thrice regarding award of UGC pay scales , the revision orders passed only shows a defective order without adhering to the UGC/ MHRD regulations.FECTAM however acknowledges the concern of education minister DD Thaisii stating that the errors in the order will be corrected at the earliest. The statement appeals to release the proper revision order within June 15 otherwise democratic forms of protests will be launched by the body.


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