Five boys rescued from clutches of alleged traffickers


IMPHAL, June 12 : Bishnupur Child Welfare Committee and Sekmai police rescued five children at Sekmai area today from alleged child trafficking. 

Sources stated that the five boys were supposed to be taken to Tamil Nadu by one Moirangthem Deven, a resident of Ithing Heikon.

It also stated that out of the five four boys were from Ithing while one is from Karang of Bishnupur district.

The accused Deven is presently detained at Imphal Police Station for questioning.

It was also stated that another 3 persons allegedly parents of the boys were accompanying Deven.

Police were told that the boys were being taken to Tamil Nadu in order to get employment, however the police on suspecting of foul play asked the boys to write their names in English, but the boys failed to do so, which strengthened the suspicion of the police. The matter is being further examined by the police.


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