Holistic approach needed to address HIV/AIDS issue asserts Moirang MLA


IMPHAL June 16: “We need to take a holistic approach in addressing the HIV/AIDS scenario in the State. The campaign to spread awareness to the public about the virus has gained momentum, but the welfare of the affected children has to be dealt with through a more substantive approach”, MLA of Moirang M Prithiviraj stated in his address at a one day constituency level convention on HIV/AIDS organized by the Manipur Legislators’s Forum on HIV/AIDS (MLFA) and UNAIDS at Purit Mandop, Moirang today.

The convention was attended by chairman of MLFA and speaker of the Manipur Legislative Assembly I Hemochandra and MLA M Prithiviraj as chief guest and president respectively. MLAs I Ibohanbi and Kh Ratankumar attended as the guests of honor.

Prithiviraj talking to media persons on the sideline of the function said that he along with other like minded philanthropists have been taking care of the affected children of Moirang area by providing them with free education.

“We have an NGO call Collective Support Group, the organization has been newly founded and has still not received any fundings from any quarter; through a voluntary effort, we are financing for the needs of more than 20 affected children at present,which includes their admission to private schools, fees, uniforms and other essential needs. I feel that something must be given to the children, they are not capable of comprehending the AIDS issues at present”, he said.

The MLA expressed his desire to provide relief for the affected children en masse but due to financial constraints have been unable to do so.

MLA I Ibohanbi also stressed on the objective of the MLFA and that through the conventions, the elected representatives can best address the HIV pandemic at the grass root level. He further stressed that AIDS is no longer treated as a terminal illness, but can be compared to a diabetic condition.

“AIDS is now considered as a manageable disease, we know that there is no vaccine as of yet and prevention is the best controlling measure to be adopted for addressing the issue”, he said.

during the function, MLA Prithiviraj distributed gift items to HIV/AIDS affected children and women of Moirang area.


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