IFCD minister anticipates completion of Maphou Dam by December


IFCD minister N Biren during a vist at the Maphou Dam site today.
IMPHAL June 20: The Thoubal Multipurpose Project (Maphou Dam) which was sanctioned in May 1, 1980 is nearing completion.

IFCD minister N Biren who visited the dam site today said that at least 90 percent of the construction work has been completed and the government has a determination to complete the works by December.

He further stated that at present, the work shift is being intensified to meet the project deadline.

Earthmovers, tippers and workers are working at a rapid pace to achieve the objective set by the government. The earth works of the dam is handled by PCL, a Hyderabad based construction agency and the dam construction is carried out by ANSAL, another New Delhi based Construction Company.

Minister Biren further stated that, the deadline for completion of the dam was set for March 2012, but from orders of the Chief Minister, the project has a new deadline of completion by December this year.

“We want to hand over the dam to the public before the next general election and before the election code of conduct has been administered.

The dam could have been completed by June this year, but due to the law and order situation in the state, the government had to reschedule the date of completion, we have witnessed economic blockade for nearly six months during which, the essential fuel for the machines could not be provided, further the killing of five dam workers by unidentified gunmen further halted the works for another three months, now thankfully there are no disturbances and we plan to complete the dam within December”, he said.

Biren further added that the compensation for the affected seven villages have been tendered except for Chadong Tankhul and Lamlai Tangkhul villages.

However, he voiced positive notes that the said conflicting villages have showed signs for approval of the compensations rate awarded to them. The dam is constructed at a cost at a revised estimate of Rs 982 crores as of 2009 and will provide 7.5 megawatts of electricity.

He mentioned that post the dam completion, pipelines will be laid to provide drinking water to the greater Imphal area. “ The pipe laying works is stipulated at Rs 680 crores, since the works has to be taken up after completion of the dam, the water supply works will be completed by 2014 and the water scarcity of the state will be solved”, he said.


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