Meghen calls for stopping extortions, stresses need for improving work culture


IMPHAL, June 9: The arrested UNLF chairmen RK Meghen, who is in the custody of NIA, has called for stopping all form of extortions in the name of revolution.
The UNLF leader also appeal revolutionaries to give more emphasis on improving work culture rather than engaging in extortions so that peoples could regain faith in revolutionary movement.
The UNLF chairmen made the appeal through mediaperson while he was produced before the special NIA Court in Guwahati today.
Reacting to the recent statement made by Manipur Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh during a function held at Ukhrul district on the matter of holding election to determine whether people supported revolutionary movement or not,  the arrested UNLF leader said outfit’s desire for holding ‘Plebiscite’ and Manipur CM’s observation of holding election to determine fate of the revolutinary movement in Manipur have the same meaning.
While accepting the concept of determining people’s choice on the issue, the UNLF chairmen maintained that the outfit will honour and abide by the people’s mandate provided such Vote is held under the supervision of the United Nations and the people are free not terrorised or threatened.
As long as people remained in tragic state due to heavy deployment of security forces in Manipur, such a Vote would never be free and fair, the UNLF leader asserted.
To a query relating to governance of a revolutionary group fighting for regaining freedom of the people, the UNLF chairmen expressed that the outfit believe in democracy.
Based on culture, tradition and geographical similarities of the hill and valley dwellers in Manipur, the UNLF has been working towards bringing equal economic development of the society  so that it is not dependable to others, Meghen said and expressed hope that revolutionary movement could move forward if people have faith in such a governance.
If the people of Manipur want alternative form of governance other than the India’s capitalist system of governance, a collective effort is needed right from the grass root level, Meghen maintained and called for bringing unity of all the revolutionary groups operating in Manipur.
The UNLF chairmen also called upon revolutionaries who have taken to the wrong path for mere monetary gains to return to the mainstream and work for betterment of the society.
The UNLF chairmen also stressed the need for forming a proactive democratic movement  to challenge undemocratic means of force being utilized by the government to suppress people who are looking for a means to end India-Manipur conflict.
While lauding role played by media in Manipur in every aspect of life, the UNLF chairmen said press-media should be given free hand and no disturbance should be given to them in executing their duty.
RK Meghen was produced before the NIA court this afternoon along with outfit’s organisation secretary and other arrested cadres of the outfit. They would be produced in the same court on June 23 again.


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