Power fluctuation affects daily activity at JN hospital


IMPHAL June 26: The power fluctuation causing a domino effect to the PHE department which has ultimately led to artificial scarcity of water in Imphal area has severely affected the workings of the JN Hospital.

The medical superintendent of the hospital L Khomdon Singh has intimated the chief engineer of the power department to minimize voltage fluctuation and frequent load shedding for the hospital and to maintain voltage of 390/400 at the Porompat Water Supply Scheme to ensure regular flow of water.

The MS in a an official correspondence stated that the hospital is operating the Accident and Trauma Care services and six operation theatres and providing patient care services to nearly 1000 outpatients and 370 inpatients everyday.

But such an essential service has been frequently hampered by the frequent load shedding and voltage fluctuation in the hospital causing dislocation of hospital service.

Since the hospital is paying around seven lakhs per month to the power department, the hospital must be given top priority to avoid any unwanted incidents.

Further, the hospital is getting water supply from the Porompat Water Supply Scheme through its dedicated pipeline and the everyday requirement is about 18,500 liters but the supply has been disrupted due to frequent voltage fluctuation since the Porompat station requires a minimum of 390 volts for the engines to work. As the voltage is not reached and the engines cannot drive water through the pipelines, the hospital has resorted to buying water from 15 tankers per day at a huge cost.

Considering the problem, the MS has already requested the chief engineer to minimize voltage fluctuation so that the supply of water can resume normally in the interest of the hospital and the general public.

The rationing of water at the Porompat station have caused scarcity also at the Imphal bazaar areas as most of the residents rely on storage tanks supplied by water tankers.


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