Private schools call for inclusion of indigenous games in school syllabus


IMPHAL June 1: To create a comprehensive awareness on various indigenous disciplines and institutions, the All Manipur Recognized Private Schools`™ Welfare Association, in a press conference held at the Manipur press club today demanded the government to include a new syllabus on indigenous games and Shumang Leela on the common syllabus of class (I) to class (X) prescribed by the BOARD from the coming academic session.

Addressing media persons during the conference, N. Tomba Singh, advisor of the association mentioned that a separate syllabus for indigenous games under Physical and Health education will be included from the present academic session 2011-2012 in all the private schools of Manipur.

He further mentioned that various declining factors in moral behaviors and health fitness have emerged amongst the educated youths in our society and he further charged that the present scenario of education system is inclined more towards quantity rather than quality.

In keeping taps of this negative development in our society, Tomba suggested that through education, and in order to tackle these diminishing moral and fitness factors of our youths, reviving and preserving the cultural values and ethos of the different indigenous games has become a must. This will, at the same time, served to push these indigenous games to the global arena as well, he added.

More importantly the Board classified four major subjects and four compulsory subjects. N. Tomba further appealed the general support of the people to pressure the concerned department to appoint competent teachers that can impart both theory and practical demonstration on different indigenous disciplines.


      • dude, start thinking out of the box. Why and how would you encourage kids to ‘like’ to go to school? And a piece of advice, never bring in other’s family when you write. It only shows how cultured you are? lmao

        btw, there are many other games like ‘phibun lakkpi’, ‘yubi lakkpi’, ‘marrum conbi’,’khullokpi’ et al indigenous games, which can be implemented not only on books but with practicals.


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