Singhat locals turning towards education to uplift region


From Kaimuanthang
LAMKA, June 29: Though still lagging behind in terms of development as compared to other constituencies of the state poeple of Singat areas are coming up in the field of education.

This has been partly due to the education campaign launched by the UZO the apex body of Zou community organisations as well as the importance given to it by most parents of the area as it is viewed that education is the one and only means through which they could elevate themselves and the area.

According to Paoneu they lived in a forgotten land, their roads are totally bad not many development schemes are available to the people though located in a border area. Which is why they have to try and acquire the right type of education that could be achieved singlehandedly with a lot of hard work, he viewed.

The general population of the area are poor and their sources of living are woodcutting to be sold as firewood, agriculture, selling charcoal and so on and inspite of this, according to sources a very good number of students around 120 altogether from the area got through their class X and XII examinations this year with a first division not to add those of the students who were in 2nd and 3rd divisions.

Leaders of various communities like the ZOU, Paite, Thadou and Simte from the constituency were seen organising a felicitation programme of their successes just to hail them and then encourage them further in their career.

On June 20 all those meritorious students were felicitated at the Hingtam Lamka YPA hall in which the students were given cash awards by local MLA, T Hangkhanpau.

The KSO of Sangngaikot areas followed suit by doing the same which was also followed by the KSO Singngat. In all the events all the students who passed were also feted.

The local MLA who attended all the felicitation programmes provided a practical career guidance to the students about the need to work hard thereby telling them how much stiff the competition has become today.

The Sangaikot KSO student leader Lhunthang in one of his speech lamented about the lack of development in the areas while expressing his gratitude at seeing such a large number of successful students.

He also said that there has been no MLA in the past except the sitting MLA who had given any real attention for the development of students.


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