UNC condemns bomb attack at its ex-leader`s Ukhrul residence


IMPHAL, June 8 (NNN): While strongly condemning the bomb attack on its former speaker in Ukhrul on June 5, the United Naga Council (UNC) warns that threatening the leaders and civil organisations in the hill areas will amount to opening the `Pandora`s Box`.
 The UNC also said the June 5 bomb attack incident on the former UNC speaker was a direct challenge to the Naga people and also to the Naga People`s Convention (NPC) of July 1, 2011.
“To lob bombs at the residential compound of a Naga leader, Shimthi Ruivah , former UNC speaker on the night of June 5 was a direct challenge to the Naga people and its decision of July 1, 2010 taken at Tahamzam (Senapati district headquarters),” said the UNC.
Though the UNC does not spell out its mind vividly on the matter, it alleged the government of Manipur is tooth and nail against the UNC’s democratic demand for an “alternative arrangement” from the government of India. However, the UNC does not pin-pointed against anyone regarding the June 6 incident. It also said the involvement of “foreign bodies” in the June 5 episode cannot be ruled out. The UNC refuses to elucidate on this statement.
It then stated threatening the leaders of the civil organisations in the hill areas of Manipur at this point of time will amount to opening of the Pandora’s Box. “Therefore, UNC condemned the act and urged all concern to make way for peaceful resolution or peaceful parting,” it urged.
It may be recalled that former United Naga Council (UNC) speaker Simthi  Ruivah was attacked with bombs near Ukhrul headquaters on Sunday. Two powerful explosions went off one after another in the residential compound of the social worker in Ukhrul district of Manipur.
The bomb explosion took place in  about three km east of Ukhrul police station in the residence compound of a 55-year old social worker Simthi Ruivah s/o (L) RV Stephen at about 9:25 pm on Sunday. Simthi Ruivah is currently a member of Tangkhul Co-ordination Committee (TCC).


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