Accused in attempted rape banished from locality

    IMPHAL, July 8: An irate mob, today ransacked a house belonging to a 55 year old man who has been accused of attempting to rape and sexually abused his 16 year old niece since the past few months.

    The locality which is situated at Sagolband area also served a quit notice today to the accused who has been identified as one Yumnam Rajen, 55 alongwith his entire family from the locality.

    Sources said the victim’s parents had been separated and she had been staying with her father, stepmother and grandmother.

    The source also added that the victim and the accused were also neighbours.

    According to the victim, the first incident happened about five months back when the accused who is married to her own aunt (father’s sister) took her to a room at hotel Nirmala on the pretext of some work.

    The accused made her work on a laptop inside the hotel room and jump on her from behind and attempted to rape her, when the victim protested and attempted to shout the accused however warned her that both of them would be in serious trouble if she make any commotion in the hotel, which quieten the girl. The accused further threatened her with her life and to commit suicide himself by consuming poison if she spoke about the incident to anyone, the girl further informed.

    However afraid that she might make a commotion in the hotel which could lend him in serious trouble, the accused refrained from making any more attacks.

    Further according to the victim, since the first incident at the hotel, Rajen has been monitoring her every move and had even started dropping and picking her during her matric examination.

    The restless and worried girl finally broke her silence and informed about the incident to her grandmother a week ago, who later informed the wife of the accused after which a fight broke out between the two with the wife even trying to leave his house

    Owing to the her disclosure an infuriated Rajen tried to beat the victim girl who managed to escaped and reached her mother’s house with the help of a friend.

    However the accused even came there but the victim’s mother came out and a quarrel broke out between her mother and Rajen after which the accused Rajen made a hasty retreat.

    Later on at about 9:30 pm when the news was out in the open, few people of the locality gathered before the accused house and began rampaging through his property. At about 1 in the morning, the accused surrendered before the police fearing public backlash.

    The public continued the rampaging of the house of the accused till early today morning.

    A meeting today of Maisnam Nongthem Leikai Development Club resolved that the accused should be banished forever from the locality with his family for his sexual misconduct and any body who try to provide any sort of assistance will meet the same fate as the accused and his family.



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