Election wave in Singhat


From Kaimuanthang
LAMKA, Jul 27: For peace, progress and development of their region the supporters of MLA T Hangkhanpau have once again reaffirmed to stand by him during a function held today from about 11:30 am at the Singhat community hall in the run up to the 2012 election.

As a symbolic gesture that they will not part ways and instead stand by each other even in the event of severe hardship and keeping traditional practices of their forefathers of true friendship, a Sasin- Salung feast was organized with thausands of his workers attending the occasion.

Ramthanglien the Hmar Youth Association`s vice president urged the gathering not to vote for people just for the sake of money and to instead use good sense while looking for the future of the younger generations.

He said that Singhat constituency so far could not have any senior MLA due to which the area is always devoid to have ministers adding as result the areas are always lagging behind others in terms of development.

During his speech the MLA T Hangkhanpau highlighted the various steps he has taken up so far in the field of education, road communication, water supply, and school renovation, public distributions during which he lamented the inability on the part of the government to renovate them and then make the cost of education cheaper.

Stating about the fasttract development taking place in various parts of the world in various fields he stated that if one has to be an MLA/minister of the modern day he/she has to be well equipped and well inform apart from being educated and keep abreast with the development taking place in various parts of the world.

The election campaign wave is gaining momentum particularly in the Singhat areas with each passing day.


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