Farmers worried of losing harvest due to flood


IMPHAL July 25:  Al arge area of agricultural plots at Chajing loukol in Lilong is under water. Concerned over this issue, the All Lilong Chajing clubs organization called a press conference at the Lilong Chajing this morning. A. Bhomendro Singh, secretary general of the organization while addressing some media persons during the conference told that a 50 meters long breach on the river dike along the stretch of Chandranadi or Leelakhong river, a junction for Imphal river and Iril river located on the northern side of Chajing Loukol has lead to more than 200 hectares of agricultural plots submerged under water since the last couple of days. Apprehensive on the amount of lost it may incur to the many farmers, he reasoned that the situation could have been avoided if the river dike were properly mended earlier. He added that the situation is further aggravated by culverts situated in this area that are ill equipped to handle large volume of water.

Previously a plight to solve this issue was lodge to the concerned government department in time in which no respond was entertained from the government till today, he lamented. he further reasoned that owing to improper implementation of work on the embankments has lead to over flow of river water to agricultural lands. Later, He cautioned that if the existing conditions on the river dikes and on the embankment of Imphal river continue to persist than similar flood which flooded large track of agricultural lands may also occur at places in Samurou, Wangoi and many other paddy fields located in Bishnupur district. 

He said that earlier a similar breach occurred on the same spot that had flooded more than 200 hectares of plots. He said that with the help of the department concerned of the government and from the local MLA O. Joy, the ALCO in association with local farmers had embanked the breach area with much effort.

Drawing the attention, Bhomendro appealed the government for necessary support and  help to solve the existing problem at Chajing Loukol and the imminent consequential dangers of artificial floods  from breaching  occurred in river embankment.


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