Causes: Help a 11 year old Manipuri girl paralysed with symptoms of Brain TB


Help a 11 year old Manipuri girl paralysed with symptoms of Brain TB
Help a 11 year old Manipuri girl paralysed with symptoms of Brain TB

Update from KanglaOnline (2011-07-19): The email format was changed (i.e. AT instead of @) to prevent spamming. But it appears that some readers are being confused by it. For bank account and other info, please send an email to [email protected] and the Torch Bearers – Good Samaritans team will respond to you with the relevant details.

Nitija Huidrom is a girl of 11, from Nambol Ishok Mayai Leikai, Manipur. Paralysed with symptoms of Brain TB, she has been advised further detailed diagnosis. Sadly, her family with no stable earning, and having sold every single piece of property for her treatment, is still praying for help and treatment urgently. Some of us teamed up and joined our hands to help save the small girl. We initiated the “Good Samaritans” campaign on Face Book. The campaign started on July 11, 2011 and will end on Aug 7, 2011. The entire treatment would cost approx Rs. 80,000. Up till now we have been able to generate a fund of about Rs. 32,000. We need more support to reach the required amount. Please join the cause and help save the life of a small child.

If You want to be part of a this, please drop a line at [email protected], we’ll forward you the details.

PS: We cannot give you any receipt which will help your Tax filing; all we can give you back is a BIG & SINCERE “THANK YOU” from the bottom of the heart & a Google spread sheet which tracks the fund inflows & the spend.

Though the campaign has a window period, please act now!

Torch Bearers – Good Samaritans

Posted: 2011-07-18
Source: Torch Bearers – Good Samaritans

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  1. How can we contact you? the given email id is not proper and does not work. Plz provide contact details or phone no. Hope we, Manipuris employed outside, could help the little girl & her family


  2. Please provide proper email address as I get delivery failure mail when i tried to send mail to the above mention mail id. It will be of great help if contact no or a bank account no is shared for the same.


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