KCP general strike affects normal life in state


A view from the Bir Tikendrajit flyover during the 12 hours general strike of the KCP (Maoist).
IMPHAL, July 8: Normal life in the state has been disrupted today as a result of the 12 hours general strike imposed by the proscribed KCP Maoist group against injustice of the state government to the farmers of the state. Majority of the business establishments, including the main markets of Poana and Thangal bazaar in Imphal, remained closed due to the general strike. Most educational institutes and banks also remain paralyze with very thin or no attendance.

Transportation services including inter-state, inter-district too remain suspended however few private vehicles were seen on the Imphal roads.

The Ima markets too saw only a few vendors opening their stalls. However during a chat, the vendors informed that they are from the near by areas. The vendors also expressed discontentment that the general strike has adversely affected them in earning their livelihood.

A women selling tea and snacks inside the market said that her sales is drastically low today due to the general strike and added that she could hardly earn Rs 200, even though she normally earns around Rs 700-800.

As one of the women selling tea and snacks inside the market said, her sales is drastically low today. She added, she used to sell more than Rs.700 to her colleagues during normal days but today she hardly have reach Rs.200. as most of her colleague who reside to greater Imphal areas doesn’t turn up due to halt of transportation service.

Another woman vendor maintained that the general strike has adversely affected the vendors as they are not salaried persons and live with their day to day earnings. However her situation has only made her to walk out and try to sell as much as she can and support her family.

She also added that she had borrowed money from the local money lender with a five percent interest and in order to repay the money, she has to come out to sell her wares no matter what.

Meanwhile no untoward incidents relating to the general strike have been reported during the strike. Security personnel were also seen deployed at specific locations in Imphal. Essential services were however excluded from the purview of the strike.


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