MPP demands President`s rule in state


IMPHAL July 26: The Manipur People’s Party (MPP) has urged the President Pratibha Singh Patil to place the state of Manipur under president rule.

The MPP submitted a memorandum to the President describing that rampant corruption, mismanagement of public money and failure to implement various central sponsored schemes is the present scenario of the state.

Detailing the particular issues, MPP mentions that the Public Distribution System of the state has collapsed and though the essential commodities like rice,sugar,SK oil are released from the Consumer Affairs Department ,the items have not reached the public in the allocated quantities and at the price fixed by the government.Distirbution is done for only 5/6 months in a year and the cards of the beneficiaries are testament to the fact, it said.

Charging SSA authorities of misappropriating funds, it states that though sanction has been allotted in the tune of crores, no books, mid day meals, uniforms are made available to the beneficiaries.

MPP charged that the work of MNREGS are executed in paper only without utilizing the service of the job card holders and wages are misappropriated by the concerned pradhans, zilla parishad members. It suggested that the matter be entrusted to the CBI for investigation. Citing similar allegations for PMGSY workings, MPP said that the concerned authorities are liable to be booked also.

Hurling accusations to the IFCD, the memo states that the construction works of most projects taken up by the department are without quality. The Nambul River project in the heart of Imphal which is presently underway despite rain and flood is an example as the constructed banks collapse frequently. The MPP urges that an expert opinion from the CPWD if deputed to check the quality will reveal the facts.

The political party also mentions the unavailability of power in the state and the deplorable conditions of the National Highways.

It further states that the ministers and MLA threaten the public , abusing their ministerial powers. The use of handguns and reckless ness is evident as the bureaucrats try to amass wealth from projects meant for public development.

In the context, the MPP informed the President that the SPF ministry under the Chief Minister ship of Okram Ibobi is solely responsible for the overall failure and sorry state of affairs prevailing in the state. Thus, it feels that the removal of the government under the present leadership is the only situation and demanded that central rule be placed in the state so elections can be held to install a new government.


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