On MPSC and MCS Recruitment



The appointment of a new, direct-recruited IAS officer as Secretary to the Manipur Public Service Commission (MPSC) is welcome. One hopes that some level of professionalism will now be imbibed in the working of the Commission which also have a new Chairman recently. With this, one also hopes that the process of recruitment for the MCS, which was initiated since late last year, will now be expedited.

The new chairman, in his first interaction with news persons on his appointment, had expressed the need to bring back many talented and educated Manipuris staying outside the state due to non-availability of opportunities at home. That message struck a chord with many of us staying outside. But, that can happen only when the processes of recruitment to various state services is cleansed. Indeed, most of those who study or work outside the state are longing to return home, only if conditions improve and they are given a chance to serve in their state.

Now, with a team of professionals now in place at the top, the MPSC should expedite the ongoing recruitment process. That a clean and fair examination can be actually held in the state is shown by the MBBS entrance examinations, among others. The news media also ought to play a more proactive role to educate and mobilise public opinion, and put pressure on the authorities not to dabble so much. Rebuilding Manipur has to start at the top. The MPSC should take the lead in this mission. We expect no less.

Yours Sincerely,
Thangkhanlal Ngaihte
New Delhi.

Original Source: The Imphal Free Press


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