State govt fails to ensure basic amenities to public: Meghen


IMPHAL, July 25: The chairman of the proscribed United Nation Liberation Front ,(UNLF) RK Sanayaima has asserted that the assimilation of seven underground outfits under a common umbrella organization is the answer to the public ethos and clearly states that the movement for independence is moving forward towards the common objective.

“The endeavor of the insurgent outfits must be supported by the public”,  Sanayaima appealed through the media after appearing at the NIA special court at Guwahati today.

The chairman further said that there has been scant development in the state even after suffering 64 years under the colonial yoke. Aside from the developments of roadways

constructed by the British during the second World War, there has been no substantial development tendered from the side of the Indian government. He alleged that the roadways constructed by India has been mostly confined to the border areas and done so to achieve their own means, the inter village roads of the state has been maintained by the efforts of the villagers themselves.

Development of a state is considered by improvement in connectivity, power supply and education. It is a fact that the Loktak Project which has been set up to provide power supply is a failure as there is no provision for regular power supply as experienced by the public. Moreover aside from development, the residents of Loktak area have suffered irreversible losses and are suffering at present. There is no supply of safe drinking water within Imphal City, and it is left to the imagination how much the public in the hill areas must be suffering, he said.

Stating that the state government has been more concerned in setting up shopping complexes and parking lots, the education sector have been completely ignored and the quality of learning from the primary level to the higher secondary status have been ignored more or less, which is the foremost reason for the degradation of quality education in the state, Sanayaima said.

The emergence of the Maoist indicate that the public of the nation have failed to enjoy the so called democratic form of governance. He further alleged that the public misconception that Manipur cannot survive without aid from other states is unfortunate and that the presence of insurgents have hindered development of the state is baseless.

The public is aware that who are mainly involved in deducting percentages from the central sponsored schemes and development in the state will not emerge a reality unless the political leaders are sincere themselves, he said.

The chairman also congratulated  the Sudanese government for awarding recognition to South Sudan.  


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