UNLF renews plebiscite debate while greeting South Sudan on its independence


IMPHAL, July 10: The proscribed United National Liberation Front (UNLF) has extended its warm greetings to the people of South Sudan on being recognized as the world’s 193rd sovereign nation by the United Nations on July 9.

A statement of the UNLF said that the independence of South Sudan came after much bloodshed and violence in the region since 1955. About 99 percent of the people of South Sudan had voted in favour of the creation of the new nation.

The referendum was held after signing the comprehensive peace treaty under the aegis of the United Nations, it said.The people of Manipur want to hold plebiscite in order to settle the prolonged armed conflict of the state, but the Indian government always tries to deviate the issue in some way or the other, the statement said.

Further, the UNLF decried the Indian government for welcoming the independence of South Sudan when India itself refuses to hold plebiscite in Manipur. It said that India is keeping an eye on the rich oil deposits of South Sudan by welcoming South Sudan on getting its independence.

The people of Manipur should learn a good lesson from the people of South Sudan who have been able to achieve freedom after much bloodshed and violence, the statement added.


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